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HCRA History and Education Committee Report

April 23, 2022


This past March 5th, the 20th Hawaii High School Outrigger Paddling Championships were held at Ke'ehi Lagoon.

While Mike Tongg was president of HCRA, he had ideas about outrigger paddling as a high school and college sport.

In 2002, after working with many HCRA Association members from all islands, and with Hawaii High School Athletic Association (HHSAA) Executive Director Keith Amemiya, the first Hawaii High School State Paddling Championships were held at Ke'ehi Lagoon with schools from Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii island competing. OHCRA, Na Ohana o Na Hui Wa'a, and HCRA officials organized and directed the event.

The Interscholastic League of Honolulu, was the host association, and provided eight Malia mold canoes for racing in a two-day competition. All eight wa'a were the same weight, had the same amas, and were rigged with the same measurements.

Since it's inception, HHSAA championships have been held on Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii island. Oahu races have been held at Ke'ehi Lagoon, Maui at Hanakao'o and Kahului Harbor, and Hilo Bay on Hawaii island.

Crews from Molokai High School have competed representing Maui, and private, public, and immersion schools from all islands can participate from their island associations. Over the years, Malia, Mirage, and Bradley wa'a have been utilized, and HCRA Race Rules have been followed.

HCRA continues to be the outrigger paddling leader in Hawaii, and perhaps Mike's vision of outrigger paddling as a college sport can happen.

Nana I ke kumu, kulia I ka nu'u.


Mike Atwood