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HCRA welcomes the recent amendments to the 19th emergency proclamation announced by Governor Ige on May 25, 2021, and the lifting of the suspension on ocean sports competitions. This is a welcome step toward resuming competitive paddling.

HCRA continues to support each of its member Associations and their member clubs in determining how and when, practices and competition will resume. Each County still has restrictions and guidelines regarding assembly, proximity, and how activities will be conducted. As a result, each Association will determine if competition will resume this summer and into fall. Given the long lead times for financing the season, ordering equipment, managing permits, and training and conditioning the paddlers, it is expected that most Associations will not change course now but will focus on rebuilding their programs. HCRA has already voted to suspend the state championship in 2021.

As our clubs come back online, I encourage paddlers to sign up for practices when offered, pay their membership dues, and volunteer to work on the canoes and hales that have been sitting for so long. Rebuilding the financial strength of the clubs and each Association is also going to be imperative moving forward. While so many have benefitted from governmental assistance during the pandemic, organizations like HCRA and the Associations have not. Participation in the activities being offered is the best way to revitalize paddling in each community.

As the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter, the HCRA board of directors is focused on 2022 and the na opio and regatta seasons, the state championship, and potential IVF trials. We look forward to seeing the creative ways people return to the water in 2021 with challenge races, limited regattas, and distance events, and we look forward to a full regatta and distance season in 2022.


Keri Mehling